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Who We Are

VcanClean Inc has been providing high quality of cleaning services, following developments and whereabouts for cleaning since 1950. We started as a small group of cleaners having the passion to help make the environment cleaner in the community. We persuade excellence in cleanliness, community engagement and customer service. We start from using brooms and brushes now we use high tech equipment including vacuum.

Looking forward over 70 years of dedication, our passion and lifelong learning mindset continue to maintaining the highest quality of standards... especially with the social and technological changes. Safety is the goal we strive for. Always!

Throughout the years VcanClean starts as contract business where cleaners are sent to clean residential. Ever since, the business has expnded its operation and evolved with the use of high quality cleaning chemicals and technology. VcanClean Inc. best practices comes from promoting inclusion with people of different backgrounds. We believe that VcanClean, inclusivity matters especially adhering to the high standard. Throughout the day, our main goal is contribute to the protection of houses and wellness of people who depend on clean environment

We are more than welcome to present to you our information in the website. Enjoy!

What We Offer

Here at VcanClean we ensure that your place is clean and protected against bacteria, dirt, viruses.


VcanClean offers different cleaning services. We offer a general cleaning or a specific room type cleaning. We make sure to have enhanced and customized cleaning in different types of room including living room, bath room, kitchen, laundry, bed room, office room, basement and many more. We also take notes if customers wants to get rid of hard to clean dust and molds. We make sure your home is safe and clean.

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VcanClean Inc. has been known to deliver different services in the office. We do in part have work with different companies at cleaning their offfices in a regular or occasional basis whether it is an urban or rural settings. Now that proper socal and physical distancing takes place we want to place and use disinfectants to remove the virus and dust particles. Office cleaning can be based on surface area we are required to sanitize.

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Here's how we do it

Why you need cleaning professionals? Here at VcanClean, we make sure cleanliness and safety is the top priority!
We deliver high quality cleaning services that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of choosing VcanClean is that it provides sanitation services dedicated to get rid of dust, bacteria, germs and viruses. We develop our own specialized equipment and safety approved cleaning chemicals in ensuring a clean, neat and tidy services.

Particularly we are good to booked atleast one to two weeks before our staff will clean your place. Otherwise, you can book an appointment during our business hours by phone or email or submit service inquiry form located in our website. We recommend that you checked our Services and Contact page to get sign our Service Inquiry form. One of our representative is more than happy to guide you and answer your inquiries.

VcanClean Inc operates in Greater Toronto Area, Durham, Brant and Hamilton Area. Our business hours varies however it can accommodate according to your needs. Our business is growing so we advise that you check our website and social media for more updates.

There are many benefits of cleanliness. They are:

  • Keep staying healthy
  • Protect yourself from germs, bacteria, dust and viruses.
  • Wellness, cleanliness contributes to more calm, relaxed mindset.
  • Making your place style really good. Having a clean place makes the house or office design much better and appealing to the eyes! Right?
  • Allows you to do other things making your day organized.

We will charged according to what type of services you opt in? (Residential or Commercial). It will depend on the number of hours our staff have provided to clean your place. The payment will be based on if the cleaning services is Ongoing, One-Time, Move-in Move-Out, Seasonal, Recurring, Customize and Many more. It will also depends on what type of environment and if a deep cleaning to pass on health inspections are required.

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